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Goodman Charging Chart

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In order to provide you with accurate information, it’s crucial to understand that the charging process of any air conditioning system, including Goodman units, needs to be performed by a certified HVAC professional. They will use various pieces of information like the outdoor temperature, target superheats or subcooling, and actual superheat or subcooling to determine the correct charge, and more info.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all charging chart for Goodman air conditioners because the required refrigerant charge will depend on the specific model and the current conditions. Each Goodman air conditioner comes with a data plate that provides information about the correct amount of refrigerant needed for the system.

However, a generalized charging process might look something like this:

Check the outdoor temperature. This will be used to find the target superheat or subcooling.

Measure the actual superheat or subcooling. This is done by using gauges to measure the pressure of the refrigerant and a thermometer to measure the temperature of the refrigerant lines.

Compare the actual superheat/subcooling to the target. If the actual is higher than the target, the system is undercharged. If the actual is lower than the target, the system is overcharged.

Add or remove refrigerant as necessary. If the system is undercharged, refrigerant should be added. If the system is overcharged, the refrigerant should be removed. This should be done slowly, with the system running, while continuously monitoring the superheat/subcooling.

Remember to always refer to the specific manufacturer’s instructions when charging an air conditioning system. If you’re not an HVAC professional, it’s recommended to hire one to handle this task because improper charging can damage the system or cause it to operate inefficiently.

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